Where do I think I’m going?

I’m coming to the end of two months as the featured artist on Another Year in LA gallery. It’s been a good experience in that it gave me the chance to think about the work I’ve done in the past…taking a look at where I’ve been…which should give me a sense of where I’m going. There are moments, as an artist, I have such a sense of futility - like “what the hell am I doing” and “does any of this matter?” Going over the past 20 years of work gave me an interesting sensation - like getting to know it all over again - and very proud of having been it’s path. 

There are two very different worlds that artists negotiate: the first is where we create the work…and the second is where we find a place for it in the world. I love the first world, it’s a place I can disappear into, losing myself in the flow of the experience. Each world has truly felt real - every once in a while I will see a place/object I’ve photographed in the “real” world and it feels very disorienting…I feel like asking it “how did you escape - what are you doing here?”

It’s that second part that I’m struggling with. Art needs to find its audience - it is meant to be out in the world, but the endless process of accomplishing that feels so alien at times.