In the studio:

I've been working on two very different series - in one I've been exploring the use of color on imagery inspired by my personal Los Angeles icons, while the second starts from my Chance Chronicles method and integrates people for a more narrative journey.

To get an overview of my work, please visit my home page which has links to all my portfolios.

Links: Current Exhibitions and Recent Activity

Call for Entry: A Smith Gallery "Interiors"

Very honored to be the Juror for "interiors" at A Smith Gallery.

interiors:  inside, lining, midst, details, furnishings, details, space, indoors, lining, within, internals, contents ….

Entrees due: December 28th, 2024

Shake Up Your Status Quo - latest creativity newsletter post

My most recent Creativity Newsletter's post on my experiences this past month - which shook up my status quo - in a very good way.

Los Angeles Center of Photography Print Auction

"In Either Case" is one of my favorite images and I am so proud to donate it in support of the Los Angeles Center of Photography’s Online Print auction on @artsy . The auction closes Nov 28th - so don't miss out! Community art organizations like LACP are essential to all of us - help celebrate their mission to provide a dynamic hub for creative practice.

Monthly Creativity Newsletter on Substack

I've started a new venture - a monthly post on creativity and my experiences as an artist. I wanted something that was an email - but also a bit more designed and would exist outside of your inbox afterwards. It will be interesting to see how this works. Love to have you check it out!

Photographers and Water

Water is a broad theme and the photographers here are good examples of  looking at our relationship to water and how it transforms both our external and internal landscapes. They also explore the fight for control over access to water, how we interact with the substance, and what it means to us politically and metaphorically. Once again, many thanks to the editors at PhotoBook Journal for curating a set of very interesting books on the subject.

Photo-Compositing Workshop at Viewpoint Photographic Art Center

Saturday, October 21st, 9:00am - 3:00pm
Viewpoint Gallery: 2015 J. Street, Suite 101,
Sacramento, CA, 95811-3124

Join me in Sacramento for my first hands-on, in-person compositing workshop! Viewpoint Photographic Art Center is a great mid-state photo organization and resource and I'm so pleased to be giving this one day workshop. In addition to the meeting, I'll be creating exclusive video content for the participants to use afterwards...because it's hard to remember what you learned once you get home and try it on your own!

Enrollment is limited so sign up early!

Photography and Community

The seven artists in this showcase have expanded the dialogue in photography by creating space for others to develop their own voice. Whether through education, curation, publishing or organizing, they’ve helped change our photographic landscape. I wanted to shine a light on their own work, because all of that community building can take time away from one’s artistic practice, no matter how satisfying it is. Join me in celebrating the magic of their voices.

Photography and Collage

In this showcase we look at six photographers who are exploring imagery through the use of collage. Juxtaposition, layering, fragmentation and the use of paint, or other media, are all collage and assemblage techniques and are a way to think outside the box and create new metaphors. These can convey emotion and other dimensions, adding depth and meaning that reach the viewer's mind at a subconscious level,  allowing  them to create their own narrative.

This showcase was a collaboration with Amandine Nabarra, whose work was featured in my last showcase on Artist’s Books. It was very interesting to work hands-on with another artist. You often are unaware of your own process until you need to walk someone else through it and I found it very invigorating.

Chance Chronicles at Viewpoint Photographic Art Center

Ann Mitchell: Chance Chronicles
Exhibition on View: February 8th through March 4th, 2023
Artist’s Reception: Sunday, February 19th, 2023, 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Viewpoint Photographic Art Center, 2015 J Street, Suite 101, Sacramento CA, 95811

In this series of photo-montaged platinum palladium prints, I am creating a world that feels somewhere between a dream and a cinematic still. Where we have a sense that the space and narrative continues beyond the frame, with echos from a past existence. The title, Chance Chronicles, comes from the process I used to create the images, which starts with a randomly selected written meditation prompt. I then start writing and the writing process leads to me images…which are the basis for the work you see here. I’ve chosen to print these in hand-coated Platinum / Palladium, a 19th Century process which I love for its luminous mark of the hand.

VoyageLA interview

Check out my interview on VoyageLA - Local Stories.

Los Angeles Center of Photography's 7th Annual Fundraising Gala and Auction

Auction Details:
Opens October 24 at 9 am PST.Closing November 7 at 9 am PST.

Gala Event:
Saturday, November 5th from 11:00am - 3:00pm
The Loft @ The W Hotel,
6250 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

“L. A.  Noir” Platinum Palladium print. I am very proud to support the Los Angeles Center for Photography by donating a print in support of their fundraising @artsy auction and all proceeds benefit the center! LACP is an important organization to the city of Los Angeles. The last remaining photo center, tirelessly serving the photographic community and visual storytelling.

New, Again a Group Exhibition at Another Year in LA

September 1st - October 31st, 2022

Check out "NEW, Again" a group show of select artists who have had solo shows at Another Year in LA gallery. My selection is "The Five Elements" a cyanotype, accordion handmade book. In creating this book I drew inspiration from the Buddhist concept of the Five Sovereign Elements that make up our existence: Form, Feelings, Perceptions, Mental Formations and Consciousness. This piece can be found on my Experimental and Cyanotype portfolio gallery.

Photography and the Artist's Book

September through December, 2022
As you journey through this showcase you will find that each artist has taken a unique path through the process. For some, the subject is very personal and the book becomes an attempt to make their experiences tangible with their use of content, sequence, materials and format. Others explore the sculptural aspects of the medium by creating dynamic forms through the exploration of binding and found objects. My only regret is not being able to hold these wonderful projects in person!

Composite Imaging: Part II Themes and Practices

Webinar: Composite Imaging: Part II Themes and Practices
Saturday, August 20th, 10:00am Pacific Time, online

I'm excited to be teaching at LACP again next month - Join me in this second webinar where we will take a deeper dive into the themes and practices of artists working with composite, collage and photomontage - looking at how they have successfully created a unique visual “voice.” The webinar will include a walk through of multiple composite image files, of varying complexity, to gain a better understanding of the practical application. Suitable for all skill levels 

I've been having a great time researching such a wonderful range of contemporary artists and look forward to sharing them with you - as well as walking you through several of my own files/composites.

Photography and A Sense of Place

July 1st - August 31st, 2022
The photographers in this showcase have explored their territories with goals that range from social consciousness to the erasing or easing of assumptions. Others have found that staking out a territory can be a way of grounding oneself through a connection to a physical space and place. Not all journeys are external and it’s possible to use photography to help you search for an inner sense of place and belonging - a place that can be an anchor in time. Once again thank you to Douglas Stockdale, photographer, founder and editor of PhotoBook Journal for curating another set of engaging photobooks.

12th Anniversary Exhibition of A Smith Gallery

Currated by | Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully
Exhibition dates | June 17 to July 10, 2022
Receptions | June 25, 2022 4pmCDT in the gallery and FB Live

Honored to be included in the 12th Anniversary Exhibition of A. Smith Gallery which features Juror Award winners from past exhibitions. I love what they have brought to the photography community.

The Five Elements is a handmade, cyanotype accordion book and I drew inspiration from the Buddhist concept of the Five Sovereign Elements that make up our existence: Form, Feeling, Perception, Mental Formation and Consciousness. A video featuring the entire book can be found in my Experimental and Cyanotypes gallery.

Trees at A Smith Gallery

Juror: Kevin Tully
Exhibition Dates: April 29th - June 9th, 2022,
Receptions: April 30th and May 28th CST FB LiveVirtual walk-through with Amanda Smith and Kevin tully on April 30th and May 28th through FB Live.  Lost Light and Nothing is Lost can be viewed online and Nothing is Lost is part of the published exhibition catalog. Both images are from Chance Chronicles and Lost Light was selected for the Visitor's Award.
The Exhibition Catalog, designed by Amanda Smith, is available on their website.

Photographers and Family

May 1st - June 30th, 2022
In this showcase, I've chosen five photographers who've used the idea of family to explore their place in the world. Several have worked with their own families - while others have used photography to fill the gaps they've experienced in life. We also see the effects of outside forces, both political and economic on the most intimate of experiences. Once again many thanks to Douglas Stockdale, photographer, founder and editor of PhotoBook Journal for curating this set of family-inspired photography books - this time the subject matter really made it a hard choice with so many to choose from.

Dreams and Imaginings at PhotoPlace Gallery

Exhibition: April 28th - May 21, 2022
Juror: Susan Burnstine

In Either Case was selected for the Exhibition Gallery as part of the Dreams and Imaginings exhibition - a theme that is very close to my heart! This image is from the Razor's Edge series and more work from that set can be seen here. 

History of Photography: Notable Women Lecture

March 15th, 2022, 5:00pm - 6:30pm
LACP Members - join me for a talk on the History of Photography: Notable Women Photographers. I'll be introducing you to photographers that you might not have been aware of. Going beyond the few names that we often hear about and looking at how women helped shaped our visual history. The talk was recorded and is now on YouTube.

Afterglow: Virtual Walkthrough / Artist Talk - Registration

Sunday, March 13th, 11am - 12pm, 2022
Roswell Space
Unable to make it to the opening? Then join me and five amazing encaustic artists on a virtual walk through of Afterglow: Exploring Encaustic. You will see the exhibition as each artist will talks about their work and Roswell Space curator Jonna Lee will discuss her process.

Afterglow, Exploring Encaustic at Roswell Space

Exhibition: March 6th - March 27th, 2022
Opening Reception: Sunday, March 6th, 2-5pm
Virtual Walkthrough/Artist Talk: Sunday, March 13th, 11am-12pm Register Here
Closing Reception: Sunday, March 27th, 12-3pm

Photography and Color

March 1st - April 30th, 2022
A showcase featuring artists who have fully embraced color as a important narrative aspect in their work. From lush noir tones to delicate saturations, their color palettes help to set a tone and mood. Several explore color in its political and cultural aspects while also pushing the boundaries of traditional materials. The pandemic and lockdown play a role in several photographer's work and shows the ability of art to help us revision our experiences. Additionally,  PhotoBook Journal has reviews of six books by artists who have used color in expressive ways.

Photographers and Text

January 1st - February 28th, 2022
I searched for a wide range of approaches in putting this showcase together - much of the work is about exploration. We have a collaboration in the study of a relationship, as well as imagery that looks back at, or plays with the idea of, memories. One artist explores the marks of others. Another brings lives lived to the foreground, giving a voice to the silenced. Additionally, photobooks are such a perfect pairing of imagery and words and I'm so happy to have a guest contribution by  PhotoBook Journal with reviews of six books where text has played a strong role.

ThinkingAboutPhotography is a cross between a gallery and a journal, with bi-monthly thematic showcases featuring the work of visual artists connecting with photography.

Photography Looks at Structure: curated showcase

October 18th - December 19th, 2021
In this showcase, these five photographers have found very interesting ways to explore the subject. From intimate to urban to historic, we look at purpose, scale and the human cost of our domestic landscape. We look at what remains when a significant structure, one that changed the lives of a generation, is no longer present. We even see photographer as architect in the creation of mind-bending, often humorous, structures that challenge our assumptions.

ThinkingAboutPhotography is a bi-monthly showcase where I feature the work of artists working with photographic materials.

The Scribes: Artist's Books

Opening Reception: October 10th: 3-6pm
Webinar Virtual Walkthrough: October 24th 11am - 12:30pm
Closing Reception: November 7th, 11am - 1pm
The Five Elements: Form, Feelings, Perceptions, Mental Formations and Consciousness.

In creating this book I drew inspiration from the Buddhist concept of the Five Sovereign Elements that make up our existence. I wanted to create a space for meditation and contemplation that could function as a tool or as an object.

This book is handmade in an edition of eight copies with two artist's proofs. The series is printed with cyanotype on Arches Watercolor paper by the artist. A video on the project can be viewed in my Experimental gallery.

Photography and Time, curated showcase

August 16th - October 18th, 2021
Time is one of the foundational mechanics of photography and, because of the ability to control time, it’s a discipline that has enlarged our capacity to see beyond our own eyes. There is an interesting range in the six photographers featured here. Utilizing the mechanics of photography, several artists have transcended the technical to create magical moments: from insomnia-driven wanderings, to examining what happens even before you shoot, to creating floating, ephemeral sculptures in the air. Exploring memory and the passage of time, several artists examine that experience and the sense of longing the journey can leave us with. Throughout the showcase you will find unique voices examining our relationship to time.

ThinkingAboutPhotography is a bi-monthly showcase where I feature the work of artists working with photographic materials.

Viewpoint Photographic Art Center 30th Anniversary Exhibition at the Crocker Art Museum.

Invisible Body of Realty was selected for the 30th Anniversary of Viewpoint Photographic Art Center’s exhibition at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento this summer. The exhibition, curated by Patty Felkner, will be up until August 1st. This image is from my Chance Chronicles series.

Photography and Nature, curated showcase

June 20th - August 15th, 2021
Just finished my third showcase for where I’m curating bi-monthly showcases of artists working with photographic materials. Photography and Nature features six photographers working in thoughtful partnership with nature.

Each of the six artists featured here  have a very thoughtful partnership with nature. Some of the work has been a response to our last year, the forced isolation that we all found ourselves under and turning to nature as an inspirational resource. Others seek to connect us to nature’s magical world, or draw our awareness to the consequences of our actions. Throughout the showcase, there is an understanding that the world/space we inhabit is important and should be honored.

2021 Member's juried exhibition at the Center for Photographic Art,

Juror: Susan BurnstineExhibition
Dates: April 10 – May 9, 2021
Saturday, April 10, 4–6pm
Virtual opening and walk-through with Juror Susan Burnstine and Director Ann Jastrab.  Lost Light can be viewed online, while Like the Moon, Burning will be exhibited in the gallery space. Both images are from Chance Chronicles.