Finally finding a path

In the past when I was creating a new series…or adding to an existing one, the format/voice of the series was already an integrated part of the work…it often inspired the direction the images would go. The Chance Chronicles series has been very different. The images were created, inspired by a sense of a world that I wanted to create - but I wasn’t sure what the actual output would be. For a year I struggled with trying various methods of printing, with no success at all! The upside was I discovered a passion for animation and was able to keep moving forward making work. Finally, last spring I took a Platinum Printing workshop and it was a eureka moment - this was the “voice” that the images had been looking for. Since then, I’ve been struggling to repeat the workshop success, to translate the process into my own home environment. 

To say it has been a frustrating experience would be an understatement and the stack of crap prints is quite high. Platinum (although it’s really more Palladium) is a very difficult process…so many elements can play a significant roll: humidity, paper, chemistry, ambient temperature, the drying process…all parts that can completely change the look of the print. But, when it does come together, there’s a sense that you’ve created a little jewel. The prints have a dimension beyond digital prints - and there’s also a strong “mark of the hand” which is what I felt the series needed. I love that each one is different, that an “edition” is really a set of related prints, but each is unique. 

A New Start

There’s something about the start of a new year that always gives me this feeling like I can restart, redirect…reboot my life. This year, rather than resolutions, a friend suggested the idea of “devotions” which took things in a direction of intent, rather than product. A devotion is a more fluid and thoughtful experience…it evolves over time. So my devotion this year is to make work, since that’s the core of who I am as an artist. This past semester was a fallow time - too much energy was going out to really have the mental space to make new work myself. Now, it’s spring (well at least it feels like it in SoCal) and the energy feels like it wants to move forward. I’ve worked on putting into practice the LensCulture written reviews I’d discussed earlier - it took a while to process - the experience is still informing my choices, 

After the Blur

A few months ago I entered a LenCulture portfolio review because it was going to be a written review of your work - one that would answer specific questions. The review arrived today, which was interesting because my semester has just ended and I am faced with loads of projects to review and grade myself. While I have been to many in-person reviews, this was the first time I’d gotten a written one - and it was (in many ways) a much better experience. With an in-person exchange, there’s a lot of energy just dealing with this new person you’re talking with that you often can’t really take in what they’re saying. 

The written review gave me a chance to read it in the quiet of my home and to really think about it. Even as I write this, I glance over at the words (I printed it out) and am aware that some of the suggestions will take time to fully process. But, it also gives me a deeper understanding of the power of the review interaction and my responsibility as an instructor. Yesterday, I had individual meetings with all of my students and many of them asked the same questions I had asked - “how do I move forward from here” “what can I do to improve” “how do you see my work” - all of which I answered as best/honestly as I could at the time. Going through this process myself gives added insight to the experience from both sides. I’m very grateful to have received what feels like a very thoughtful consideration of my work - but also grateful for the added awareness of my students’ experience as they sit across from me. 

The above still is from my newest video - I’m addicted to this new medium and feel like it’s been inside of me just waiting for its turn.